Yes, in fact the analysis to determine the damage affecting the disk is completely free
In many cases, we can recover deleted files. To do this, it is important to perform as few operations as possible on the disk after deleting the files. We know it’s a desperate situation, but Avoid using that seemingly fantastic free recovery software you just downloaded, most of them will be of no use and will only overwrite the drive further. Contact us for professional advice.
Immediately turn off your computer or external data carrier to avoid (irreparable) damage to the disk platters since one or more disk heads are probably broken. Do not try to repair it yourself or a neighbor who understands computers, contact us, we are trained professionals and we are willing to help you.
We want you to fully trust us and our services before making the payment. Therefore, we will send you via email an interactive list of your files in HTML format, (which you can open with any Internet browser), make sure you review it calmly.
If the recovered data does not exceed 256 GB, it will be sent on a pendrive, otherwise we will send it to you on an external hard drive, which you can provide us with (just make sure it is correctly formatted) or we can quote you a completely new one.
We know how important your data is, for this reason we do our best with each disk we receive. If you are unable to recover your data, you will not have to pay absolutely anything, we will notify you immediately in a responsible manner and without false hope. Our intention is to give you the best of services
In that case we will send it back to you without any problem, but not before offering you our free device recycling service