¿Es posible recuperar datos de un disco duro formateado?

Is it possible to recover data from a formatted hard drive?

Can you recover data from a hard drive that has been formatted? The answer is yes, but logically there are many nuances in this regard that you should know. Every day, many people face this problem and do not know if after formatting their hard drive they will be able to recover deleted files.

There are many free options with which to recover data from a formatted hard drive, but unfortunately the results achieved in many cases are not as expected. In addition to all this, it must be mentioned that there is a high risk of making an error that makes the files completely unrecoverable.

1. Recover data from a formatted hard drive, is it possible?

First of all, if you intend to recover the information that has been deleted during formatting the hard drive, you will have to take into account two crucial aspects: do not continue using the hard drive and quickly go to a company specialized in recovering lost data.

The answer to this question must be carefully measured, since although the answer is usually yes, this is not always the case. In a high percentage of cases it will only be possible to partially recover lost data. Therefore, the following factors must be taken into account:

2. Number of formats

Logically, it is not the same as having formatted your hard drive (whether SSD or HDD) once you have done it several times. If you have formatted it only once, it will be easier to recover information that has been deleted in the process.

3. Time elapsed

If you formatted your disk and for whatever reason you have started to use it again, the more time passes since the data has been lost or deleted through formatting, the more complex it will be to be able to recover the lost information since using the disk you are overwriting all the possible data that is below. This means that time plays an essential role in preventing the catastrophe from becoming even greater.

4. File sizes 

The size of the files will also be decisive when it comes to recovering data deleted during formatting. Smaller files or documents such as Word or Excel documents are usually easier to recover than those that are heavier such as a video or music.

5. Format type executed

The chances of recovery are quite promising. If the type of formatting that has been applied was normal so to speak and not a low-level formatting, in which case the recovery process is truly complex, an arduous task suitable only for computer specialists or analysts.

Using the appropriate methods and tools, you could recover all of the data that has been destroyed during formatting, but obviously it will be necessary to not have written it again to the hard drive since it was formatted. It should be noted that it is neither a simple nor quick process, since sector by sector of the hard drive must be checked to collect all the information that can be saved and put it together.