Is it safe to recover deleted files from my pendrive with free software?

How to Recover Deleted Files from USB

When a document or file is deleted by mistake on the PC, it is possible to recover it by entering the Recycle Bin, as long as it has not been previously deleted. Unfortunately, in the case of USB drives, the same is not true.

Recovering deleted files from a USB drive is possible if we know where to go. There are currently many free programs that claim to be able to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, but are they really safe? The answer is mostly no.

Putting your deleted files from your USB drive in the hands of a free program could cause you a lot of headaches. Although it may seem like a simple and quick task, nothing could be further from the truth. The use of this type of programs or software involves many risks that can make you permanently lose all the files that you had accidentally deleted.


1.Why not turn to free programs to recover deleted files?

You need extensive experience and knowledge to recover deleted files from a USB drive. This is why it is so extremely important to contact a company specialized in data recovery that can take care of recovering lost files. Let’s know the reasons for avoiding this type of programs:

2.They do not guarantee your recovery

The first point to keep in mind is that its use does not guarantee in any case that all the files that have been deleted can be recovered. In other words, it is very possible that you install them to not achieve the expected results. They rarely work.

3. They can make you lose your files forever

Another of the big drawbacks of using a free program is that it is common that they can make you lose forever the files that you have deleted and need to recover again. If this happens, you will make the recovery process more difficult if you later decide to go to an expert.

4.They offer a dubious reputation

While it is true that there are some programs that are somewhat reliable, it is also true that on the Internet you can find programs that can even be dangerous for your devices. You have to be very clear that a program is safe and reliable, otherwise it could cost you very expensive.

5. It is necessary to have minimal knowledge

Many people are encouraged to try to recover deleted files from a USB drive by themselves, but unfortunately it is not a simple task that any user can perform. A failure or error could cause your files to be corrupted and completely unrecoverable, even by a professional company.

Going to a specialized company is the best alternative to recover files that have been permanently deleted. Recovering deleted files from a USB drive is possible, but always if you act quickly and put your USB drive in the hands of true experts in the field. That offer you speed, reliability, efficiency and care when recovering deleted files.