What do I do if my Mac doesn’t detect my USB?

How to Fix USB Drive Not Showing Up on Mac

USB drives are a convenient way to store and transport data. And they tend to work well with Windows and macOS. However, if your USB drive is not showing up on Mac, you may have trouble accessing the data on it. Luckily, there are quick and easy solutions to this problem.

Why isn’t your Mac recognizing the USB drive?

There are several reasons why your USB drive is not showing up on Mac. The most common is that your USB drive is formatted in a file system that is not supported by Mac. Another reason may be that permissions issues are preventing your Mac from accessing to the unit data.

How can you prevent flash drive from appearing on Mac problem?

Make sure your USB drive is formatted with a Mac-compatible file system.

The most common are HFS+ and FAT32. While NTFS only works with Windows system.

Avoid connecting your USB drive to public computers.

Public computers are more exposed to virus attacks, which can cause your USB drive to become infected with malware and damage the device.

Eject your USB drive properly before disconnecting it from the computer.

This helps prevent data corruption and keeps the drive healthy.

Solutions to Fix USB Drive Not Showing Up on Mac

If you are wondering how to fix USB drive not showing up on Mac, here are some things you can try.

Important: At any time you can contact a professional to help you. Apple support always helps its customers to solve any problem with their devices.
Solution 1. Connect the USB drive to a different device

If you connect your flash drive to a different device, such as another computer, television, or radio, you can tell if the problem is with the drive or your Mac. If the device shows up when connected to a second computer, then the problem is with your Mac software or into the USB port.

This will help you find the best solution for your problem. For example, if the port is damaged, it may need to be replaced.
Solution 2. Restart your computer and try again.

The reason why your USB drive is not showing up on Mac may be due to electrical connectivity issues. By restarting the system, the problem may resolve itself.

For example, by connecting the unit to a different device, here you can detect where the problem is and find the best fixing solution.
Fix 3. Re-format your USB flash drive

Not all file systems work with both Mac and Windows. If your flash drive is configured for NTFS it will not appear on your Mac. However, you must format the drive to change this setting.

Warning: Formatting will erase all data on the USB drive. Be sure to back up your device before proceeding.

Go to Disk Utility and select the USB drive from the list of drives on your system.

Click Delete on the panel. You can then choose a format option that is compatible with macOS.





Click Delete and wait for the process to finish..

Contact our USB data recovery and repair center

Since you have gone through all the repair solutions and your USB drive still does not appear on your Mac, it is time to ask for professional help. Since the problem is not with your Mac, you should seek support from the flash drive manufacturer, or you can Contact a data recovery service.

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