Recuperacion de datos en Oviedo

Recover data from a broken mobile phone

Smartphones can fail and stop working. A blow, falling into water or simply the passage of time are reasons that can cause your mobile phone to stop working.

What happens in these cases? Is it possible to recover phone data from my cell phone that is broken and not working? An accident can happen to anyone, and in these cases you cannot afford to lose all the information stored on your mobile phone. Smartphones have become an important source of digital storage, but unfortunately we don’t spend much time making backup copies of everything we store. Big mistake.

  1. Recover data from a non-working mobile phone

When the mobile phone breaks without prior notice, all stored photographs, videos, as well as contacts can be lost if you do not go to specialists in the field who are in charge of recovering information. Data recovery specialists will be able to recover all or part of the device information, even when the screen does not turn on.

Although you may be trying to get rid of your mobile device, you must keep in mind that all is not lost. Generally, laboratories specializing in data recovery face a large number of cases similar to yours or much worse, to give some examples: burned devices, found at the bottom of rivers or even broken in half as a result of an accident are part of of our daily life

It is important that you do not trust any mobile repair site, your phone could be diagnosed as unrecoverable, discarded completely and with this the possibility of obtaining all your information would disappear, you should know that there is a big difference between repairing a mobile phone and recovering its data, recovery companies use advanced forensic techniques, the same ones that many security forces even use.

So if you have a phone forgotten in a drawer in your house, give it a chance and send it to our laboratory. You may be able to recover those photos from the summer a few years ago that you decided to take a dip in the pool with.