recuperar datos SSD

What is the price of recovering a hard drive?

If you have come this far it is because you are probably wondering what the price of recovering a hard drive is. When a hard drive stops working or loses its information, we may panic. Photographs, memories, projects, jobs, there are many files that can be stored on a hard drive, and losing them can cause great stress.

The most convenient thing is to have several backup copies (on other hard drives or in the cloud) that prevent us from having to go through a bad experience, but we know that this is something that few people do. Added to the fear of not knowing if we will be able to recover the information is the uncertainty about the price that this type of service may have.

1. Find out what the price is to recover a hard drive

You are probably expecting to know an exact figure, but the reality is that there is no fixed price. There are many variables that affect the price, so the final cost cannot be given to the client immediately. The cost will depend on such significant aspects as, for example:

  • The type of failure or breakdown
  • The specific type of device
  • The urgency of the contracted service

Don’t be alarmed, the cost is not as exorbitant as you imagine. The first thing you should do is turn off your equipment immediately and take it to a specialized company as soon as possible. It is a difficult and delicate job, so you will have to act quickly and cautiously.

Roughly speaking, prices are between 100 and 700 euros, although there are rare cases in which the cost could become just a little more expensive. But in general there are no fixed prices until each case has been analyzed, with this we try to make the client pay what is fair.

2. What is the process to follow to recover my hard drive?

Before knowing the price to recover a hard drive, it will be necessary to go through several essential stages:

  • Hard drive reception:
    The hard drive is received from which the lost information must be extracted. There are several possibilities to choose from depending on the preferences of each client
  • Problem diagnosis:
    After receiving the hard drive, the device must be analyzed to diagnose the problem it is suffering from. It will be in this phase where the type of failure, the recovery period, as well as the price to recover the hard drive are known.
  • Budget acceptance:
    Once the budget has been accepted, work on the hard drive begins. If you do not agree with the quote, then the hard drive will be returned to its owner
  • Information recovery:
    Information recovery specialists work to recover as much information as possible. The goal will always be to recover 100% of the data, although obviously sometimes the recovery may only be partial or even null.
  • Data is delivered:
    To complete the entire process, all the data that has been recovered will be delivered. To do this, there are several alternatives, such as providing another hard drive of your own in good condition to store all the recovered data.

If at the time of reading this article you are looking for options to recover your data, don’t think twice! Send us your device without obligation, we try to make our prices the most accessible to all audiences, providing a quality service to help you recover your data and memories